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La Pépinière des Arts and Inside Bordeaux are excited to host their first annual event Baz’Art Bordeaux” on June 9th, 2017 in the city center. This event will celebrate new and confirmed artists, promote the region’s art scene, and make art accessible at a fair price in a one-night show.


Anna Ducos, art in-process

Painter, illustrator, and graphic designer, Anna Ducos runs the association “La Pepiniere des Arts”, which teaches art to children and adults in Bordeaux, with her colleague, fellow artist and organizer for the event, Anne Piesen.

Baz’art Bordeaux is a project that Anna has had stirring in her head since returning to France in 2006, after leaving her hometown of Vancouver, BC. The idea stems from what was already a very popular event in Vancouver called the “Cheaper Show”.  The principle idea of this show was to get artists exposed, who had been otherwise struggling to get seen and into galleries.

“Vancouver is a big city in Canada, with a very large art community and therefore a great deal of competition,” says Anna

As an artist herself, she can relate to the struggles of artists trying to stand out today in a sea of talent. The Vancouver project started small but was a success, and from one year to the next, it eventually developed into a large scale event, that attracted crowds of art-lovers, lining up around the block, excited to snatch up a piece of art for $200. Well-established artists exhibited their work, selling it for next to nothing and it also kick-started many emerging artists’ careers.

“This is our first try at this type of event, and we are excited at the prospect of it working here in Bordeaux, on a smaller scale. Bordeaux is not as large a city as Vancouver, but the idea of what we want to do here is the same, gathering together a large group of artists for a one-night show, where the art is fantastic and the prices are a steal. We hope it will spark interest in a lot of artists in the region, and elsewhere, to share in this large group event. We’re happy with the interest in just ten days of putting it out there and we hope it grows. We’re really excited at the idea of this project working, but we’re counting on more fellow artists to get on board, submit, participate.”
“You don’t have to be known, but we will be looking more at artists with a confident style. The first step is that they submit. For the juried part, we just expect artists to show us three to eight pieces of their work. Show us what you do and let us know who you are. This does not have to be work you submit to the actual show. The art for the actual show requires a minimum dimension of 20cm and a max of 60cm.”

Anja Herman of ‘Inside Bordeaux’ is also a partner in organizing this event. A former publicist from New York, Anja is in charge of the publicity, and helped find the space for this first event. The exhibition on the 9th of June will take place at The “M” de Monbadon, a restaurant in Bordeaux, that will open its doors that evening just for this event. The space is large, and there is plenty of wall space to cover with art. It’s a great venue for a first-time event like this.

We are currently accepting submissions – All artists are welcome from 18 years up. Each artist must submit 3-8 examples of their work in their current style, to be juried, before April 6th, 2017. Everyone will be notified of decisions-made on or before April 10th.

To submit, please send us an email with “Baz’Art…your name” in the subject to and include the following info:
• Your name and contact details
• 3-8 jpeg images, no larger than 1MB each, of your artwork
• A current CV, bio, artist statement (one document)
• Website, facebook or Instagram address (optional)
The deadline for submission is Thursday, April 6th, 2017, midnight.
* Only online submissions will be accepted.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
For more information about Baz’Art Bordeaux, visit
The fine print:
• a maximum of 50 artists will be chosen for our exposition on June 9th.
Each artist chosen will be asked to provide three original pieces of signed artwork by the May 27th, 2017 deadline.
• Preference will be given to artists living the Gironde region.
• Once accepted, each artist will be asked for a 15 euro administration fee.
• This is a fix-priced event. All artwork will be on sale for 150 euros of which 100 euros will go to the artist per-sold-piece. 50 euros per sale will help our association “La Pepiniere des Arts” fund the purchase of a new kiln for our school.
• 2-dimensional ready-to-hang canvas in oil, acrylic, mixed media, or framed watercolor, pastel, charcoal, drawings and photography will be accepted for the exhibition. Minimum dimension for final artwork is 20 cm/side, with a maximum dimension of 60 cm/side.
Help us spread the word. We look forward to receiving your submissions!
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